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Steve Shanesy is the former publisher (and former editor and senior editor) of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Following his retirement, he is now a contributing editor, blogging about what he's doing in his own shop.


Shop Tool and Storage Cabinet

When I was a new woodworker in the early 1980s I was in need of a general-purpose shop tool and storage cabinet. I had recently completed a cabinetmaking course at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College and was eager to put my new skills to work. At about the same time I signed on...

Woodworking Sex Appeal

Have you found members of the opposite sex pay more attention to you after they discover you’re a furniture maker? Or, after taking up the craft, your spouse brags to all her friends that she suddenly finds you more manly? It’s not the oil stain under your fingernails, nor the callouses your growing (unless...

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Turning a Large Tabletop, Part 2

Over the weekend I managed to finish turning a new 24″-diameter walnut tabletop. Although I’ve been turning for a number of years now, I’d never undertaken a large-diameter disc like this. At first, I was bit intimidated by the prospect of turning this big blank, but frankly, now that it’s all done except for...


Turning a Large Tabletop

I’ve been turning for about seven years now and have completed hundreds of objects ranging from table legs to large bowls to tiny bottle stoppers. Yet I’d never undertaken a large-diameter (in this case 24″) turning, and frankly, I was a bit anxious about it. Turns out it wasn’t nearly as tough as turning...


Lighting the Lathe

Good lighting is essential for lathe work. I really don’t think you can have too much. But general overhead lighting doesn’t cut it because you constantly need to train full, bright light on small details. I also use light to see the shape of my turnings not looking at the object itself, but using...

The two boards for the table top prior to glue-up and before sending them through the power planer.

Power Planer Capacity

My recent dining table project build allowed me the perfect opportunity to dig into my stash of exceptionally wide – and wonderful – air-dried black walnut lumber. In that pile are boards up to 26″ wide. In the past I’ve dealt with some stock that’s wider than any planer I have access to by...

The orignal fence facing. Time for a rehab.

Biesemeyer Fence Removal and Refacing

In the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop, we’ve been using a Powermatic 66 table saw equipped with a Biesemeyer table saw fence for going on 17 years. Do you think the fence face was finally due for some rehabilitation? You betcha. It had a couple minor encounters with a powered-up blade and a few screws...

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Thos. Moser Table Saga Happy Ending

Last spring many of you helped me make an important decision on the fate of my much beloved Thos. Moser dining room table that was too large to fit in our downsized house. I was considering modifying the table to fit the space because the 30-year-old table has many family memories. Even Mr. Moser...