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Big Horn Bench Dogs

by James McConnell pg. 16 Any decent workbench with a face vise will allow you to easily work the ends and edges of stock, but finding an efficient and effective way to flatten and dress the faces of boards can sometimes be a puzzle. The solution is a good set of bench dogs, and...

No. 983. Robin Lee convinced Holtey to develop the 983 block plane, show here in disassembled and complete form.

Karl Holtey, Plane Pioneer

This legendary planemaker’s career has been dedicated to innovation. by Kieran Binnie pages 51-55 There is no straight path between a childhood spent in a camp for displaced persons in Germany’s Black Forest at the end of the Second World War, and a workshop in the Scottish Highlands making some of the most desirable...


Super Nova Magnetic Lathe Lamp

Three LEDs and a 30″ flexible neck deliver durable, excellent task lighting. by Rob Porcaro pg. 16 Good lighting can make a big difference in the quality of your woodworking, especially hand-tool work. Without it, there is little hope of accurately sawing to a layout line. It is also key in evaluating a surface...


Bad Axe ‘Bayonet’ Precision Carcase Saw

by James McConnell page 18 If there is any remaining question in the hand-tool world regarding the all-around capabilities of carcase saws, Mark Harrell has offered a definitive answer with the introduction of the new 14″ Bayonet Precision Carcase Saw from Bad Axe Tool Works. The Bayonet is both fast and deadly accurate. With...

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Most Common Treehouse Mistakes

If you’re someone who builds things (and as a PW reader, it’s a safe bet that you are), chances are at some point you’ve daydreamed about building a treehouse. But in order to make the dream a reality there’s a lot more to it than just nailing some boards into a tree. That’s why Django...