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David Thiel has been part of the Popular Woodworking family for 20 years, and now oversees the woodworking video creation.


Finishing Wood 101: Good Visuals

I was lucky enough to be Bob Flexner’s editor for ‘Wood Finishing 101′. Throughout the process he and I both came back to the value of the images that would be in the book. Showing step-by-step, with pictures, how to apply a finish was the important part. Bob has always been a stickler for...


I Can Do That: Outdoor Garden Bench Project

Built from pine boards available from you local home store, this outdoor bench can be built with only a jigsaw and screw gun. A simply coat of paint to match your decor and you’ll be sitting pretty! This project is one of many from ‘Backyard Projects for Today’s Homestead‘. Click here to download your...


Redo, or New? Kitchen Makeovers

Redo or new? With housing prices still flirting with the basement (pun intended), it’s no surprise that many homeowners are opting to spend a little money to upgrade the home they’re already in. The most requested upgrade (and the best investment) is a new kitchen.  In ‘Kitchen Makeovers For Any Budget‘, author Chris Gleason...


All-weather Morris Chair Plan

When it comes to slouchy comfort, there are few chairs that answer that call better than the Morris chair. But when it’s 70 degrees, the sun is shining and you just want to get out of the house, you need a special Morris chair. An all-weather Morris chair. Say no more! This is the...


Thoughts on Tolpin’s New Book

Shannon Rogers is the online host of, which started a few years ago as an attempt to chronicle his time in his wood shop. The site has grown quite a bit since then, and Shannon’s time is now spent on the Hand Tool School, an online woodworking school offering courses on teaching woodworkers...


Building a Handmade Try Square

Jim Tolpin’s newest book, “The New Traditional Woodworker” teaches the reader how to work with hand tools by using them to build useful bench and shop tools. Each project builds on the skill learned in the preceding chapter. This process makes for an easy and fun learning curve. One of the more attractive project...


Building A Chickadee House

The two most numerous chickadee species in North America are the black-capped chickadee found primarily throughout the northern U.S. and Canada, and the Carolina chickadee native to the southeast U.S. Both birds have a distinctive black cap and bib separated by white cheeks, and gray back and wings. Their bodies have an orange cast,...


Don’t Underestimate the Screw

Back in my early days of working in my dad’s custom cabinet shop, we had a way of determining if the cabinet, table or chair was built adequately. If it was hanging on the wall, the heaviest guy in the shop had to hang on it, too. If it was a dining table, someone...


The New Traditional Woodworker Shipping Soon

I just received my advance copy of Jim Tolpin’s new book, The New Traditional Woodworker, and even though I was very involved with putting the book together, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see the finished product. I’m proud of this one! Beyond the fact that Jim has put together an excellent teaching platform...