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David Thiel is executive editor of Popular Woodworking Books.

VIDEO – The Drawer Book – Blooper Reel

When asked to add a video component to The Drawer Book (available in July from Popular Woodworking Books), our intrepid editors were happy to oblige. We did manage to produce 30 minutes of useful information about drawer hardware, but along the way there were some...glitches. Happily, they last less than two minutes...

Center the grooves. The 3/4" x 3/4" grooves must be centered in the width of the post to make the fit (and the sanding) acceptable. A careful setup with a dado set makes this quick work.

Sam Maloof’s Sculpted-base Table

One of the earliest projects featured in Pacific Woodworker (the forebear to Popular Woodworking) was a table built by the legendary woodworker Sam Maloof. Here, you'll find step-by-step instruction for constructing the distinctive base.

After carefully laying out the shelf locations, use a dado stack (set at a 5 degree angle) and the saw’s miter gauge to cut the angled dados.

Knockdown Bookcase

This Arts & Crafts bookcase can be taken completely apart with four raps of a hammer, thanks to the free plans we've included here..