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Chuck is the senior editor of Popular Woodworking, and has 30+ years of experience as a high-end period furniture maker and woodworking teacher.


It’s a Bosch-mas Kinda Monday

It’s tough showing up on a Monday morning only to find that work has piled up considerably over the weekend. How am I seriously supposed to wade through two new Bosch cordless drills and a vacuum (I refuse to call them “extractors”, – but I may be forced to in the official review)? And...

Philadelphia Compass Seat Chair

Furniture Details: Compass Seat Back Stiles

Lots of folks think that back in the day, good quality wood was in such great supply that the craftsmen gave little thought to its judicious use. I have the perfect example to show that they were not only frugal with their use of raw materials, but their time as well; Queen Anne compass-...

hollingsworth_lrg 2

Dinosaur No More

Spending my entire adult (and a good portion of my teenage) life as a maker of 17th-, 18th- and early 19th-century style furniture has been wonderful and has opened many doors for me – but that all ends today. Wandering through my local Big Box Hardware and Home Center (and I’m pretty sure that’s...


Nova Comet II Midi Lathe

The reversible motor turns this benchtop tool into a sterling machine. by Chuck Bender page 16 Teknatool’s new Nova Comet II wood lathe is feature-packed at a price that’s hard to beat. Not only does it have variable speed, it has a reversible motor – not usually found on lathes of this size –...


Devilish Diablo Deftly Dissects

We recently received some new Freud Diablo blades at the magazine to test (two of which will be featured in an upcoming Tool Test in the magazine). The blade is what Diablo calls its Ultimate Flawless Finish blade. It’s a 12″ diameter blade that is designed to work on fixed and sliding miter saws...

PA Small Chest

Pyle On

While doing some research this morning I stumbled upon some detailed photos of the Hannah Darlington chest (the original was built by Moses Pyle), which Glen D. Huey copied for the cover project of Popular Woodworking Magazine’s June 2013 (#204) issue (buy a copy here). I found the photos on Winterthur’s web site. The museum...


A Show(case) With Style

Since joining the Popular Woodworking Magazine staff, I’ve missed out on a few of my regular extracurricular activities from the last few years. I haven’t seen my fellow presenters at a bunch of the Woodworking Shows (or the attendees either) and I’ve missed out on all that travel, carrying heavy furniture into convention centers and...