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Tricks of the Trade: Use Shrink Wrap as a Clamp for Veneer

pages 12 -13While trying to attach a carved 1⁄8"-thick mahogany veneer to the edge of a curved shelf, an idea came to me as a last moment glue-up solution.Initially I thought I could make it easier to bend by wrapping the sawn veneer in a towel then saturating it with boiling water; this didn’t...


Tool Test: Laguna’s ‘14-Twelve’ Band Saw

A tool manufacturer does its homework to build a better band Chuck Bender page 14The Laguna 14-Twelve band saw has the look and feel of a machine thrice its price. There’s a lot to like about this machine and the price makes it almost irresistible. Coming in at just under $1,100 ($1,345 with the...


Tool Test: Czeck Edge Carbide Birdcage Awl

by Chuck Bender page 16The first thing you notice when you grasp a Czeck Edge Hand Tool birdcage awl is how well it fits in the hand. The cocobolo handle is beautifully turned with a shellac finish that is silky smooth. And the blade is balanced, polished and sharp.Czeck Edge has sold birdcage awls for...


Tool Test: Starborn’s Smart-Bit Depth Setter

by Chuck Bender page 16Starborn Industries has set the benchmark for driving screws. The Smart-Bit Depth Setter allows you to sink screws to a consistent depth every time.Although it was first introduced to the deck-building industry, there are a lot of features about this little tool that make it appealing to furniture makers.Contact:

The Transition from Building Boxes to Building Your Own Furniture

I’ve been pushing at the borders of my woodworking knowledge lately. I can feel a growth spurt coming on. For me, that growth will entail a move from the “building boxes” camp (mostly cabinet-sized boxes) to the “build your own furniture” camp. It’s a common transition for woodworkers – and not just beginners or...


Design Matters: Make the Most of Figured Maple

The right orientation adds shimmer and pop to your George R. Walker pages 18-20The barn loft was hot and dusty – and especially so after digging through piles of rough lumber for wide cherry boards at the bottom of the stack. We took a break outside for some fresh air and sat on a...


Arts & Mysteries: Small-shop Efficiencies

Simplification and organization are the keys to Bob Rozaieski pages 22-24I’ve worked in a small workshop for many years now. Many, if not most woodworkers, would classify my 7' x 13' space more as a closet than a workshop. In fact, I have seen some master-suite walk-ins that were indeed larger than my shop.The...