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Woodworking Essentials: Taming the Table Saw

There’s no need to fear the most versatile machine in the modern shop. by Robert W. Lang pages 58-61 There are good reasons that the table saw is at the center of many shops. This machine revolutionized the way we make things. And in recent years, it has become the center of controversy on two fronts: safety...


Flexner on Finishing: Acetone in the Woodshop

This solvent’s versatility makes it ideal in many situations. by Bob Flexner pages 62-3 If you’ve been shopping at paint stores or in the paint department of home centers for the last decade or so, you may have noticed the increased prominence of acetone among the solvents. There is a reason for this. Acetone is among the very...


The Downside if Up is Sideways

A nervous woodworker is aghast as his best projects arrive from storage. by David Mathias page 64 The message “Up” (with a directional arrow, no less) seems unambiguous. When displayed prominently on all four of what should be the vertical surfaces of a crate, the intent of the person who went to the trouble to emblazon...


Congrats to our Festool/PWM Sweepstakes Winner

Brian Denmeade, of Columbiana, Ohio, is the lucky winner of a Festool Kapex compound miter saw and Festool CT 26 dust extractor. Brian has been woodworking for 35 years; he enjoys making furniture for his family. You can see a small sample of his work below. Congratulations to Brian.


Blue Tape Improves Your Screwing

I’m installing 12 hinges today on a collapsible bookcase and about half of them are in tight quarters where no drill can go, and screwdrivers are no picnic, either. To make the job easier, I like to cut the screw threads in the pilot holes before assembling things. And because I have 72 screws...

Veneering: if Roubo did it, it's ok.

4 Reasons to Try Veneering

When I hear the word “veneering,” I reflexively think of the many hours I spent feeding 4×8 sheets of plywood into the Joos hot press machine where I used to work. Sometimes we had the opportunity to lay up bookmatched flitches of interesting exotic woods, but most of the time it was simply a...


The Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 8

As a furniture-maker, turning was always an uphill battle for me. Every turning tool requires a different touch and a different sharpening approach. The problem was that I never practiced enough to keep my skills up. So every time I picked up a skew, I was a baby turner again. A few years ago...


Use SketchUp to Preview Proportions

Of all the variables of design, context is the easiest to miss. That is one of the powerful things about using SketchUp, you can easily compare one piece to another, add a human figure to the model or place the piece in a room setting. Seeing is believing and knowing is better than guessing....


The Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 7

The last two items on my list are for woodworkers who have been very good this year. They are a bit more expensive than the other items on my list, but they are excellent tools. Of those last two items, the first is the Saddle-Tail from Sterling Tool Works, a one-man toolmaking company in...