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Woodworking in America's Marketplace the Biggest Ever

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The Marketplace for this year’s Woodworking in America conference is the deadliest ever. By deadly, I mean you better start saving your pennies and moving some money out of that Cayman Islands account. We already have more than 40 exhibitors confirmed for the show , with some more in the wings.

These are top-shelf manufacturers that make or sell woodworking equipment or provide instruction. There will be no purveyors of magic towels or wacky ladders. Just woodworking.

I’ll be writing about some of these vendors in detail in the weeks to come. There are people here that you never get to see at woodworking shows.

Let me repeat something I’ve said before about the Marketplace: This is your chance to comparison shop. Let’s say you are in the market for a backsaw. You can try the saws at Lie-Nielsen, Lee Valley, Gramercy, Bad Axe, Eccentric and Woodcraft (which sells Rob Cosman’s saw). Figure out which one you like the best. That’s pretty cool.

The other great thing about the Marketplace is that many of the exhibitors offer hands-on instruction in their booths. You could easily spend a day in the Marketplace and not see everything and spend a month’s salary and not have all the tools you want.

So here’s the list as of April 5 in alphabetical order:

Acanthus Workshop
American Sycamore Retreat
Bad Axe Tool Works
Barnard Woodworking School
Blue Spruce Toolworks
Blum Tools
Brese Planes
Bridge City Tool Works
Craftsman Gallery
Czech Edge
Daed Toolworks
D.L. Barrett & Sons
Di Legno Woodshop Supply
Eccentric Tools
FW Media
General Manufacturing
Gorilla Glue
Gramercy Tools
Herget’s Quality Engraving
Hock Tools
Horizon Wood
Keller Dovetails
Kreg Tool Co.
Lee Valley Tools, Ltd.
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Manny’s Woodworker’s Place
Marc Adams School
Marcou Planes
Matlin Group
Medallion Tools
Micro Fence
M.S. Bickford Planes
Ridge Carbide
RJR Studios
Sauer & Steiner Toolworks
Superior Tool Works/Tony Murland
University of Rio Grande
Zig Industries (Bow Clamp)

Woodworking in America will be Oct. 1-3 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. Registration opens in May. Look for more details here and at WoodworkingInAmerica.com.

– Christopher Schwarz

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