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Top-quality Vise Hardware On Sale. It's Time

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Barring some tryptophan- or ale-induced trypanosomiasis, I’m going to start modifying my Roubo workbench this weekend to add some new vise hardware.

I’m replacing the metal leg-vise screw with a beautiful wooden-vise screw from Joe Comunale at And I’m replacing my hillbilly-style wagon vise with the stunningly machined wagon vise hardware from Jameel Abraham at

Both of these gentlemen are putting their hardware on sale temporarily. So if you’re on the fence, get off. The sale is for one day only: Friday, Nov. 28, 2008. The terms of the sale will be announced that day. So check the site that day for details.

I paid full retail for the Benchcrafted hardware, and I’d do it again. The stuff is beautiful. Even my co-workers (who had no idea what it was for) oohed and ahhed when I pulled it out of the box like some prize-winning poultry.

The sale at runs until Dec. 31, 2008 (so you can conceal these charges on two credit card statements).

The vise screw for the Roubo leg vise is on sale for $130 (and that price includes shipping). The regular price is $165. That’s a good deal.

– Christopher Schwarz

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