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  • Frank

    Please remind me, when I finally get to meet you, never to shake your hand!

  • ian

    So, how will you describe the Plane when you sell it on ebay?
    rare ?
    antique ?
    good for parts ?
    only used once and then put away for a generation ?

  • Mike

    I HATE it when that happens! LOL

  • McD

    From the movie "Space Balls"… You took your Schwarz to it.

  • Jonas Jensen

    Isn’t the motto of a journalist: truth shall prevail?
    or is it: The truth must never stand in the way of a good story?
    Anyway, please tell us what happened.

  • Al

    May wanna build a tool tray into this bench afterall. Would’ve prevented you from knocking that one to the floor;-)

    BTW we, as a community, prefer your non fictional writing. Leave the cliffhangers for hollywood.

    What Happened!??

  • Larry Gray

    Ah, I see you finally found the right box in your basement … you know, the one containing that craptacular first block plane you’ve been looking for.

  • john callaway

    that looks like a new sweet heart plane…..

  • Steve

    Remind me never to lend you tools…

  • Yeah, I’ll have to concur with the hammer homicide.


  • Ken

    Using a back bevel can have surprising consequences.

  • Jason Young

    There’s no way you did that by hand planing epoxy unless there was already a fracture in plane body or you dropped it.

  • Scott

    Ductile iron break…irregular, not clean.
    Cap iron break…cleaner and non-tangential. Variable axis breaks indicating complete casting failure or sudden impact at singular loci causing multi-directional stress on casting. Likely from the left-side-10 o’clock position.
    Shavings…appropriate thickness-no gouging or sudden stop indications.
    Other carbon-based presence…Megan?
    Preliminary readings from the Veracity-o-tron…inconclusive-elevated levels of ‘shock and awe’ in the area of the workpiece. Results pending on the ‘WTF’ readings.
    Conclusion: No known suspects at this time.

  • Andy

    I think the problem is your grip!

  • Shawn G

    Eh… duct tape should fix it.

  • Ron Boe

    Looks like Meagan tried to drop kick you and you blocked it with the plane.

    How close am I? :^)

    How’s Meagan’s foot?

  • dan sayler

    Looks to me like it just missed the horse stall mat while finding a lower point of repose . . .


  • If you were injured during this accident you may have grounds to sue the plane manufacturer for failure to provide ‘epoxy detection circuitry’…

  • BedrockBob

    Hand planes are dangerous!! If you have a plane in your hand put it down immediately. Then send me all your planes for safety testing. I should be able to return them in twenty or thirty years.

  • Swanz

    Ya still picking on them purdy planes?

  • Is that one of the planes you were beating with a hammer?

  • …and yet there isn’t a nick on the iron…

  • Just curious…is there a video available to watch this in slow motion?

  • hahahah! SCHWARZ SMASH!
    you clearly pet the cat in the wrong direction!

  • Darrell Snodgrass

    My mom owns a cake shop over in Newport. They’ve got black and about 30 other colors of food coloring if you ever need to look again.

  • Al Navas

    ummm…uhhh,,,ooohhh…ahhhh…ok – epoxy should do it 🙂


  • Rob Cameron

    Karma? 😉

  • Dana

    Total photonic reversion….

  • Mike Holden

    Force applied through the blade *MIGHT* shear the tightening bolt and adjusting bolt, but would not have caused damage to the plane side. The removal of the adjustable mouth is also a red herring.
    Consequently I must reject your warranty claim as it is obvious the damage did not occur during one of the recommended uses of this product.

    BTW, see if the Hi-Lo drive will admit running it over, although why it might be on the floor is another question.

    (grin) Mike

  • Doug F.

    Way too much oxygen.

  • I’m not sensing a great deal of sympathy here, Chris? I’ve even read some postings twice..LOL.but not much sympathy. Hmmm, I wonder if the leg your trying to pull is just too punky? 😉

  • david brown

    Actually, on second look, that’s a new Stanley low angle "sweat heart" block plane. =)

  • david brown

    Think he was stress-testing one of those Woodriver planes?

    The Wheaties probably helped with the Chinese stool from a few months back. I’m guessing this was alcohol-induced. 😉

  • Eric R

    Man O Man, you gotta lay off those Wheaties !!!

  • naomi weiss

    Oh no! Hope that wasn’t a favourite! 🙁

  • Mike N

    Wowzers. Just planing along then suddenly Kablewwwiee! Yard sale. Complete disassembly and pieces everywhere.

    I love it.


    ps. If that plane was knocked up for the sole purpose of this blog post may the woodworking gods have mercy on your soul…

  • Hope that’s not a Veritas…

  • Yes! Epoxy it back together and see how it works, with as much extra as you have laying around, I’d be curious (and you can make it black to match)…

  • Matt

    Didn’t you just write a blog post about using your planes on anything? I seem to recall something about planing MDF, Laminate Veneer, or Epoxy… guess it happens to the best of us. I hope you are okay…

    Look on the bright side though, now you can buy a new plane!

  • Hoss

    Awesome. Too funny. Now just epoxy it back together, wait 24 hrs, and get back to work…..haaaa….

  • Matt Cianci

    Hahaha Chris….very funny!

    You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

  • Adrian Baird Ba Than

    3 weeks early but I like it…

  • Should have tested on scrap wood first.

  • Bob Easton

    Wacha whinen about? Just sharpen it and get back to work.

  • Jon

    Yikes! What happened, Chris? I guess I don’t see how planing the surface would cause the plane’s cheeks to crack like that… I see a lot of sharp edges on those pieces — you okay?

  • gchpaco.livejournal.com

    How on earth did you manage that one?

  • Josh


    Even a sprinkling of shavings to set the stage. hahahahaha

    I like your sense of humor.

  • Since we all know your penchant for treating planes to the hammer and anvil treatment, I don’t think we’re going to jump right to believing you on this one, Chris.

  • Michael

    Oh dear.


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