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Join Me at the Huntbench

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Last week during my bench-building class, student Bill Montgomery was commuting daily from his parent’s house, which was near Kelly Mehler’s woodworking school in Berea, Ky., where the class was taught.

He stayed with his parents for a couple days after the class before returning to Virginia and wrote me this short note:

“Attached is a picture of my bench’s temporary home until I can get it out to Virginia. With no room in Dad’s shop – my ‘only option’ was to rearrange Mom’s foyer to make enough room.  I tried to disguise the bench – but Mom still noticed.”

Watch out Bill. Put a nice finish on that bench and a few lace doilies and it might not ever leave.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • Niels

    Brilliant disguise! Although a fake mustache would help, or maybe a beret 🙂
    If that doesn’t work you could always camouflage it under a giant pile of shavings- That’s usually how I lose track of my bench.
    Nice Work!

  • Tomfoolery

    Great looking bench!

    What vise hardware did you utilize for the leg and end vise?


    • Christopher Schwarz
      Christopher Schwarz

      That’s a Lake Erie wooden screw for the leg vise. And 10″ Jorgensen quick-release for the end vise.It’s one of my favorite vise configurations.

      • Tomfoolery

        How about if we wanted to have a tail (wagon) vise instead of the Jorgensen – what would you recommend? (Before you start farming!)

        Thanks for all that you do!

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