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With the release of Issue 8 of Woodworking Magazine now imminent, we’ve uploaded a free eDrawing of the cover project , a 19th-century workbench , for you to download and examine.

This interactive 3D- illustration can be opened and manipulated using a free program from eDrawings that is available both for the PC and Mac. Even if you’ve never used a CAD program before, I think you’ll find an eDrawing easy to use.

With the help of the eDrawing you can rotate the project around, make any part transparent and move parts around to examine the joinery. It’s an excellent way to figure out how a project goes together before you start cutting.

This eDrawing was prepared by Louis Bois, a draughtsman and good friend of Woodworking Magazine. He also prepared all the construction drawings for the workbench that appears in issue 8.

In addition to the eDrawing, we’ve prepared a slideshow of the construction process, which I posted earlier on our blog at Popular Woodworking. I’ve also linked it here for readers who might have missed it.

– Christopher Schwarz

Holtzapffel Final Bench (2.48 MB)

BuildingtheHoltzapffel.pdf (1.64 MB)

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  • Mike Siemsen

    I got the screw manufacturing figured out. I have 2 1/4" screws and nuts available for $110 plus shipping.

  • Jay Yatulis

    Fantastic bench! I did the download. (I couldn’t wait for the paper copy)I printed the bench article straight away and read it. The download is easy and fast, the only thing I had to do was put the .pdf file extension on otherwise I got an error. The entire issue is very good. The links are very useful. I can see wanting to have both versions. I like the fact I can print out an article and take it to the shop without the worry of it getting destroyed. The slideshow in this entry is very good, also liked the many pictures included in the magazine bench article. Nice infill shoulder plane. Who is the maker? You guys are raising the bar for all the WW magazines out there.

  • Thumbsucker

    Thank you so much for the Holtzapffel Final Bench and BuildingtheHoltzapffel.pdf. It illustrates clearly the process of how the bench was constructed using a balance of hand and power tools. Ten thumbs up.

  • P.M


    In my pocket, or should I say in my Hard drive! The downloading works perfect. Now I’m waiting for the printed copy. Thought about buying it from Lee Valley, north of the border, but couldn’t wait. Let’s see if they charge me with cross border taxes! I hate them, makes me wonder what this free trade mean. But, that belong to a different blog.
    I’ll let you know about this issue later on.



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