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Coming Soon: Roubo's Plate 11 Poster

Today we finalized the design for a nice poster that features the famous plate 11 from Andre Roubo’s woodworking masterwork. The poster (redheads not included) will be ready for sale (on very nice paper) at Woodworking in America. It also will be available for sale in our store.

Plate 11, for those of you just joining us, shows one of Roubo’s designs for workbenches, plus a scene from a French joinery shop. Some of the tools in the plate are not to scale, but the detail is tremendous and the lessons are there for you to decipher.

We’re still working out pricing (should be about $20), and some other details. But here’s a shot of the prototype with Linda (hiding behind the poster) and Megan (not hiding).

– Christopher Schwarz

12 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Roubo's Plate 11 Poster

  1. James Watriss

    I’m seeing a redux of those godawful early 90s t-shirts…

    Co-Ed Naked Woodworking- Still pounding after all these years.

    And I’m engaged to a Nurse… so I don’t need a redhead right now. But I’d be willing to let someone else have mine.

  2. Eric R

    Start the shirt printer machine going.
    The details will be lost under the dried glue & finish stains anyway………..
    And the redheads can pose with those as well.

    Thanks Chris

  3. John Sholl

    Eligible woodworking bachelor right here!

    What about plates 1-10 and 12+? These are perfect for the shop or office as a set. I be in for a few.


  4. Christopher Schwarz

    The good news is that both Megan and Linda are single. So there’s opportunity knocking for the eligible woodworking bachelor.

    The bad news is that this image wouldn’t work on a T-shirt as-is. The detail is too fine to show up on cloth. We might consider using a detail from the poster on a shirt.

    And would you really want people staring at your chest saying "What’s that Frenchman doing?"

    I wouldn’t.

  5. Dusty Lenscap

    Excellent idea.

    And I like Joe’s idea of putting it on a t shirt.

    Make mine size XL, please.

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