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Build a Bench from a Log Cabin

This morning, Glen Huey, Megan Fitzpatrick and I went into rural Ohio to fetch some wood for a new workbench for Megan’s study (it’s long story; ask her).

Megan had scored some sweet Eastern white pine logs that were left over from building a log cabin; they were kiln dried, fairly clear and about 10 years old. All for $100. The only problem was that some were 17′ long , too long even for Glen’s capacious lorry (as Megan would put it).

We couldn’t saw all the way through these beams with a circular saw (they were more than 7″ x 7″), so we made Megan finish the cuts with a bowsaw.

Honestly, can you believe Megan isn’t married yet? Send your dating requests (and references) to my e-mail.

After we stacked these logs in the shop back in Cincinnati I took a reading on their moisture content. All of them were less than 10 percent MC.

– Christopher Schwarz

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24 thoughts on “Build a Bench from a Log Cabin

  1. Christopher Schwarz

    Crazy Irish redhead?

    You want to get me killed? (I think I answered your question.)

  2. Rainer

    While Megan seems to be an intelligent, creative, and good looking woman, she has two "problems" that limit the number of would be suitors. Many of us are married or otherwise spoken for, and/or we don’t want or can’t move to Maine. Heck, I don’t even want to move to the U.S., where they’re still called "square drive screws" because you can’t pronounce "Robertson."

    Chris: Is Megan a real "crazy Irish redhead?" I’ve never dated one, but the three or four I’ve known were all a riot; each one funnier than the next.

    Rainer (married to a Scot)

  3. David

    "Honestly, can you believe Megan isn’t married yet? Send your dating requests (and references) to my e-mail."

    Oooo – you are soooo dead for that quip. I see a dastardly and clever office prank coming as pay-back…

  4. Michael

    Being a commoner, I’d go to the lorry and open the boot and get out ye old chainsaw.

  5. Colin

    Wasn’t Chris shilling for his dad a few weeks ago?

    And now he’s doing the same for Megan.

    Why not hook the two of them up?

    Bonus: If they then moved into Chris’s house it would provide the plotline for the best comedy in years.

  6. Alan

    Only thing is, that’s not a log…it’s a re-shaped piece of wood to kinda-sorta resemble a log…more appropriately called timber, or lumber.

    Nothing wrong with using the timber for a bench, but please don’t call that a log…a log retains the majority of shape as it was when growing in the ground. It’s no wonder that so few know what a log home is these days…the majority buy timber thinking it’s a log home…

    And let’s be honest, how many logs have you seen with tongue and groove on them? Maybe that’s nature’s way of simplifying the process, and growing them in the shape of a D as well…:-/

  7. Narayan

    A workbench in the study, eh? Do you prefer to hold your books up with a face vise or an tail vise? And when you dog-ear pages, do you prefer round or square?

    p.s. you know what they say about a guy with a capacious lorry…

  8. Eric R

    I am definitely fixing you up with my cousin.
    You can saw with the best of’em!
    We’d NEVER be short of firewood.

    (Can’t wait to see this bench!)

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