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Here’s a great gift idea for those woodworkers who enjoy designing furniture on the computer. Executive Editor Bob Lang’s CD is the standard tutorial for SketchUp.

  • 49 Click and Play Videos in the Text
  • Table of Contents Links
  • Bookmarks for Easy Navigation
  • 184 Pages of Step by Step Instruction
  • 391 Detailed Screen Shots

This is a comprehensive reference, designed to teach woodworkers how to use the popular, free 3D design tool, Google SketchUp. From the basics of setting up the program to the fine points of making detailed models of your next project, Woodworkers Guide to SketchUp provides the answers in an easy to use, easy to search digital publication. Robert W. Lang has years of experience as a professional woodworker and designer and shares the secrets of designing furniture and cabinets efficiently on your computer.

This Woodworking eBook is a new approach to learning. Place the disc in your computer’s drive and launch Adobe Reader. It looks like a book, with clear step-by step instructions and hundreds of illustrations, and you can print a hard copy for off screen reading and reference.

Read on your monitor and follow along in SketchUp. Video tutorials are embedded within the pages. Just click on the image and a short video plays to show you exactly what to do. Built in bookmarks and search functions find the information you want instantly.

This digital publication comes to you on a single disc in Adobe PDF format. Requires Adobe Reader, and can be read on both Macs and PCs.

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