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Two Cherries Skew Bevel Wood Chisels

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Here’s a great gift idea for the woodworker who has everything – skew chisels!

Two Cherries bevel edge chisels with a skew cutting edge for hand controlled paring and other detailed work. The pair contains 2, 12mm tools with right and left angled cutting edge, perfect for trimming slightly protruding dovetails, tenons, dowels, and a multitude of applications where finesse, not chopping is required.

Manufactured in Germany since 1858, Two Cherries are known around the world for exceptional quality and edge retention. Solid forged of the highest quality carbon steel, each chisel is hardened to 61° Rockwell, producing a strong chisel that will stay sharp longer than most other chisels. Each tool is then fitted with a hornbeam handle appropriate for the size of the blade.

Set of two 12mm chisels, right and left, for precision work.

Solid forged in Germany by Two Cherries.

Heat treated to 61° Rockwell for exceptional edge retention.

Beautiful wooden handles.

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