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Win a 3-year Subscription to the Magazine!

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I don’t often squeal with delight while at work. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my work. I get a lot of satisfaction out of woodworking, hanging out with woodworkers and even highlighting the products you see here on the blog. (Commerce can be a good thing.) But at the end of the day, I guess I’m just not much for expressing my delight through high-pitched tones.

Nonetheless, I came close to a squeal, or maybe a yelp, when I started reading the latest issue of the magazine. From front cover to back cover, the issue just plain rocks. So I decided to share that enjoyment by launching a little contest – the internet equivalent of saying, “Wow, this is awesome!”

You can enter to win a free 3-year subscription to our magazine, with no strings attached, by clicking here and signing up. I eliminated all unnecessary fields, so the entry only takes a few seconds to complete. We won’t add you to yet another email list or anything like that. It’s just a good, old-fashioned sweepstakes. And if you’re already a magazine subscriber (and if you win) we’ll add the 3 years to the end of your existing subscription.*

You’re welcome. All I ask in return is that you consider leaving a comment below to tell the whole community what it is you love about our website and/or magazine. Tell us how Popular Woodworking content has helped you grow as a woodworker!

Oh, and be sure to share this post with your social networks so we can broaden our reach and invite more people into the craft.

I recently learned how to draw an S-shaped curve, or cyma curve. So the recent article on other uses for this curve in design really delighted me!

I recently learned how to draw an S-shaped curve – also called an ogee or cyma curve. So the recent article on other uses for this curve in design really delighted me!

For me, with this latest issue, it was how every article connected to either something I have already done or something I want to do soon. It’s almost like Megan Fitzpatrick and the magazine editors were reading my mind.

“How cool is that?” he yelped.

Dan Farnbach

*If you’re not already a magazine subscriber, you should still enter the contest, but please click here to learn about our affordable magazine subscriptions. Get one started today!

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  • Ernesto

    I defenetly have been getting more and more from popular we first by their magazine then their shop class on demand and lastly their online book library it all info I get for when I can get shoptime I get knowledge time. Keek it ip and thank you for the time you put in

  • thenineofspades

    I was diagnosed with mental illness in high school and was forced to drop out. I fell in to a state of deep depression afterwards. One day I happened to see the Woodwright’s Shop on PBS, this got me interested in hand tools. I started to purchase PW shortly after this from news stands every now and again. Eventually I got a subscription. I continue to be impressed by the magazine and the site. With my condition it’s hard to get out and about to meet other people or praticipate in any classes/workshops so PW has become my go to resources. Thank you for helping make one of the few things I get joy out of in this life possible. You all do a tremendous job.

  • EWest33594

    Chuck Bender, Chris Schwarz, and Glen Huey! What a Line-Up! What more do you want Teaching and Writting for US? And they you All reapond to our ???????


  • Albert Rasch

    Love the magazine Dan, but…

    I’m still waiting for the VIP program to be “In Stock,” rather than “Out of stock,” as it has been for a very, very long time! If I wasn’t so stubborn and intransigent, I would have subscribed a long time ago, but dang it, I want the VIP program with all the neat stuff that comes with it!

    The local bookstore provides me with my monthly Popular Woodworking fix, and though I pay an absurd premium for the privilege, I can’t be without my PW. With great articles by proven leaders in the field, it is written in a manner that is both instructive and conversational. I especially like that the staff at PW makes every attempt to cultivate a personal relationship with as many of their readers as they can. Not many businesses can boast that!

    If you are looking for instruction, history, inspiration, and a good laugh or two, Popular Woodworking gets my vote.

    Now, about that VIP Program Dan…

    Be Safe!

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      We discussed the VIP program today; I’m told the “regular” VIP program should be revamped and live very soon (certainly by the end of March), and that we’re adding a second VIP option with more benefits; it will cost a little more, but good perks. That one will probably be done my the end of the month…but it might take slightly longer.

  • veltmhk

    PW has been a great resource for techniques I have not tried yet. They demystify processes and help show how attainable it is. I enjoy the personal approach from the editors, and especially enjoyed the WIA 2013 event PWW put on. Great job!

  • Danner

    Dan, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing the blog each day because your broad range of topics keeps things interesting. I also appreciate your humble approach, which makes it easier for a beginner like me to just dive in to a new skill. I’ve learned a lot already. Thanks! –Matt

  • Woodteach66

    I really like the email newsletters. Chris Schwarz’s articles are always really enjoyable.

  • perarnel

    It’s a great magazine that I enjoy every part of.

  • amvolk

    Popular Woodworking has risen to the top of my woodworking magazine favorites, and I have read most of them. I really love the mix of articles, and having Chris Schwarz writing for you sure doesn’t hurt!

  • curlybear

    The magazine has great articles using hand tools and has had some great articles by Mary May on carving in the past that helps my technique

  • Beverly

    I have expanded my knowledge greatly from reading Popular Woodworking and reading Dan’s blog. The articles in the magazine and the hints and tips that Dan provides are so valuable to me because I am a beginner to intermediate woodworker. The things I have learned have increased my ability to do things I have never tried before. Thank you for providing such valuable information to all of us woodworkers! I look forward to winning the 3 year subscription to Popular Woodworking!

  • doug436

    I also read PW cover to cover. First from front to back and then from back to front. Interesting how much new stuff I find that way. Lots of good ideas that I incorporate into my own plans (I was a design engineer in my working days). Have been woodworking since I was in eighth grade 60 some years ago. First project was an upholstered foot stool. In 9th grade I built a black walnut step end table. (Remarkably, we still have them and they are as solid today as when built). I have done a couple of furniture pieces along the way but have done more in the form of casework or shop cabinets.
    I like reading the various authors and particularly enjoy Megan’s writings.

  • ColonelEd

    I love the Website and the blogs. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of other people who are crazy enough to love generating sawdust. Fine shavings as well for those who are really good and old fashioned.

  • chuck1957

    Popwood has a better balance than most magazines. Projects run from the basic to the extraordinary. Moving Megan to her position was a major plus as well. There are many female woodworkers out there in every discipline and they deserve more recognition as well. I have been woodworking in some form or another most of my life. I am no expert at anything and typically read cover to cover. I subscribe to several woodworking publications, but many are a little too rigid for my taste. Keep the good stuff coming.

  • Marshallman

    As a father of 2 young boys (3 and 1), there are often weeks on end that I don’t have time to get down into the shop. But thanks to Dan’s daily blog post, I can honestly say that I at least “think” about woodworking for 10-15 minutes every day. His regular tips help me make the most out of the shop time I do manage to find. Thanks Dan!

    • Dan Farnbach
      Dan Farnbach

      You are most welcome! Thanks for reading and being a part of the community.

  • hachemmlh

    Great magazine, keep up the good work.

  • BoredOfWood

    Popular Woodworking is worth reading for great authors such as Robert Lang. I really like his historic reproductions and just finished Stickley’s No. 26 Poppy Table. (Popular Woodworking, Dec 2007)

  • danello6301

    Such a great magazine! I read it cover to cover, sometimes multiple times! Always anxiously awaiting or the next issue to come! Very informative and interesting articles for every type of woodworker no matter what style you do. Keep up the great work everyone on the staff!

  • cstandley

    Love PWW. I just wouldn’t use the word “yelp” these days………..

  • pchast

    Love the magazine. Read it all.(skip most ads)
    Don’t use the website. Its too much ‘extra stuff” for my slow internet connection. Even the blogs sometimes require me to walk away and return after they are loaded. Remember dial-up.

  • GordonC

    Like the woodworking and finishing tips along with projects that I file in my project to do list. Magazine is also a must read when it arrives and to be read again later to review again.

  • Hey, Dan – Whereabouts in the Boston area? I live in Philadelphia now, but I lived in Watertown (yes, THAT Watertown) until I was in my mid-twenties. I miss the area but not the cost of living up there. Philadelphia has the best costs for housing and general expenses of any big city on the East Coast – in my humble yet accurate opinion. Don’t disclose your location if you’re worried about groupies or paparazzi.

    • Dan Farnbach
      Dan Farnbach

      I am north of Boston. Not too worried about paparazzi, but maybe I’ll hold off on disclosing my exact address.
      That’s interesting about Philly. Thanks for reading and adding this!

  • kitch

    great magazine, with a balanced focus on hand and power tools. I primarily used power until I took a class from Jim Miller on sharpening planes. I now own several hand planes and use them as often as possible. I spent about 30 years avoiding them because they chattered and stuck. I assumed they came sharp from the big box store, a huge error.

  • I especially enjoy Glen Huey’s pragmatic approach to a blend of hand and power tool use to get the job done.

  • MARoss1248

    I enjoy the furniture articles and tips most. My interest is more toward hand tool work, though I do own some handheld power tools and a compound miter (chop) saw. PW offers a lot that appeals to my “bias” toward hand tools.

  • brrbtr

    I like the tips, the videos and the giveaways! (hint)

  • mgiles

    I appreciate the articles on period furniture. Perfect blend of hand and power tools.

  • Maci

    I live in a condo and my neighbors would throw a fit if I had an electric router or table saw so, I have a hand-tool only shop. PWW has the best pieces on working wood by hand.

  • pmac

    It’s the only magazine that I literally read cover to cover.

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