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It’s time for a short round-up of the most useful table saw reviews we have published in the magazine and on the blog. What’s the best table saw for you? Well, it depends on your approach to the craft. Today’s summary will focus on some of the larger models – cabinet saws and the so-called “hybrids” that our editors have examined and used. Stay tuned to future posts for a round-up of smaller models, including the often overlooked benchtop table saws, and some information on European machines.

For the purposes of this table saw reviews summary, I have not drawn a line in the sand between current models in production from the manufacturer and older models that are only available on the used market. In reality, when you’re going to shop for a table saw, you’ll be looking at both new and used machines.

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Dan Farnbach



The SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS) is a great choice, just one notch below industrial saws in size and power.

The SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS) is a great choice, just one notch below industrial saws in size and power.

Click here for Glen Huey’s review of the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw, as it appeared when first introduced to the market. This will give you a sense of the key features to the PCS model, if this is the range you are considering.

Click here for Glen’s review of the SawStop Contractor Saw, included here even though it is not a fully enclosed hybrid table saw because the dust shroud makes it a comparable model.

SawStop_PCS2And while we’re talking SawStop, don’t miss this post that shows you all about the innovative dust collection system featured in this line.



The Powermatic PM2000, one of the best table saws on the larger end of the range.

The Powermatic PM2000, one of the best table saws on the larger end of the range.

Click here for an older, but still quite useful review from David Thiel on the Powermatic PM2000, one of the great standbys in the large table saw range.

Steel City

Bob Lang wrote a really useful review of the Steel City 35601 – a hybrid model – in 2007. This is an older model that you may find on the used market. Click here to see the original review as a PDF.

Popular Woodworking Magazine was one of the first groups to cover Steel City’s innovative granite beds. Read that original review by clicking here.


The Jet ProShop was another of our “Editors’ Picks” among the hybrid models. It stood out for its superb fence system.

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Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality.

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  • Butchly

    It seems that any review of consumer products, whether it is for appliances, TVs, cars or woodworking equipment, leaves out important details. Over the years I have owned a lot of things, including woodworking equipment, and far too often these products are reviewed and found to be of excelent quality and usefulness. Although the Jet saw you tested is not the model I own I noticed some things that are the same and are nod adequate in usefulness considering the price. Lets take for example the dust collection. It is just about non existant. I have a cheap table saw that the Jet replaced and the dust collection is infinitely better. So If you want me to believe that your tool reviews are on the up and up you will need to do a much more complete and honest job.

  • Danny H.

    Dan, Dan , Dan, what are we going to do with you, you, you, youngster ! Surely finding a credible review on the new Delta Unisaw couldn’t be that difficult. If it helps, you have my permission to use the review of this machine I posted on Amazon, or Wood Magazine’s ” Review a tool ” website. I’ve been a professional cabinet maker/ woodworker for many years and recently won ( 2012) this new Delta saw. Having used it for almost a year now I still think it is the best cabinet grade saw on the market today. See all the details why I feel this way in my review ! Your Welcome, Danny H.,
    D & M Custom Creations

  • rld

    Did anyone consider Delta?


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