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Supercharge Your Brain and Shop with 5S

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It has been my pleasure over the last several weeks to help Steve Johnson develop content for his new video series with Popular Woodworking University, “More Space and Time in Your Shop.” This 19-day online course is totally revolutionary – not because the concept is new (it’s actually quite old), but for the way Steve applies it to today’s woodworking shop.

What is the concept? It’s called 5S. Originally developed by the founder of Toyota, in Japan, as a way to compete with Ford, it now influences almost every major manufacturing process on earth. When you see the way Steve applies 5S to the home (or small professional) woodworking shop, you’ll have so many light bulbs lighting up in your brain, you may need to switch to a 240-volt hook-up.

Those are my words for it, but the fact is that Steve’s easygoing style will help you learn the 5S method in no time, with no pressure. As he says in one of the videos, the goal is simply to help woodworkers make more projects with less effort. I’m excited to see the results after our audience has taken the course and started working with it!

See the full course outline and register now if you are interested. Space is limited!

Dan Farnbach

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