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Regardless of the size of the shop, storage is always a topic worth discussing. And if you’re in a smaller woodshop like mine, it’s something you probably think about quite often. But you might be asking, “So where do I get started?”

That’s easy – wherever you need it the most. I started in the back of the shop where I store my lumber.

There are a couple different ways you can store your lumber:

  • On the floor, either vertically or horizontally
  • On the wall, stacked on open shelves

Regardless of which method you use, the key is to make sure you have it in a dry location and with an adequate amount of air circulation, especially for newly received lumber that still has to acclimate.

While lumber can take up a decent chunk of your woodshop’s space (if you let it), there are plenty of other items to consider when it comes to shop storage ideas. Two big ones are tool accessories and then bits and blades. All of it can come with unique challenges, but I highlight a couple solutions in my video (above). Other ideas include saw blade holders and router bit racks that you can mount on the wall or set in drawers near the tools.

Shop Storage Ideas for Specialized Tools

Another area to look at closely is storage of small, specialized tools that are not used frequently. The temptation is to make sure they’re always in eyesight and easy to grab, but in reality, that might not be good for them.

Out in the open or rolling around on a shelf, tools are exposed to fine dust, which ultimately could lead to rusting. As mentioned in the video, I use clear plastic containers from the dollar store for many of my less frequently used tools.

What are some of your best shop storage ideas?

Matt Vanderlist

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  • SeaQuest

    Hey Matt, one thing I noticed in my own shop is the number of large tools that have an open base stand. Take a look at your spindle sander as an example. I have a planer with the same type of stand as well as a few others. These stands are a waste of space. You have all that empty space serving no purpose other than holding the tool. I’m starting to replace all these with rolling cabinets/drawers to utilize this space.


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