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In this 2-part, free video playlist, you get to see a range of ideas and techniques from two terrific instructors.

First, Jeff Miller introduces you to the concept of audible feedback during your work at the bench – some might call it “playing” the saw (or handplane). You can learn a lot from the sound of your tools passing through or over the wood. Jeff also tells you about tactile feedback and some lesser-known forms of visual feedback, such as examining an edge for uneven plane shavings – or watching the shavings themselves. Importantly, Jeff’s idea of using different types of sensory feedback applies to machine work as well as hand-tool work.

Next, William Ng shows you his complete method for cutting, shaping and placing ebony plugs in Greene & Greene furniture. Using a spare mortising bit from a machine mortiser, William cuts a 1/4″-square outline for the mortise. He then uses a combination of hand drilling and hand chiseling to finish the mortise. It is fast and easy. For the ebony plug, William chucks a piece of ebony in his drill and spins it over a series of progressively finer-grit sandpapers. Finally, he uses his shop-made jig to cut a 3/16″-long plug from the piece of ebony, and glues the plug into place.

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