A Guided Tour of all our Woodworking Videos – Free and Paid!

A Guided Tour of all our Woodworking Videos

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We are adding a significant chunk of video content to our line-up over the next year or so. We are also planning to overhaul and organize the video content that’s already in place, so that discovery of all our outstanding video instruction will be easier and more intuitive!

Yes, it can be done – even with a bunch of woodworkers on the job.

I thought I’d blog today with a sort of guided tour through all our free and paid woodworking videos, as the collection stands today. You can bookmark this blog post and refer to it while searching for the right content.

Free Popular Woodworking Videos

YouTube – Our YouTube channel is where we upload all new, free woodworking videos. Currently, the mix of promotional content to instructional content is slanted toward promotional. However, you can find a lot of good how-to videos in the channel, and it is free to subscribe. Upon subscription, YouTube will send you an email whenever we upload something new. Click here for YouTube’s grid layout of all our currently uploaded videos.

Popular Woodworking’s Paid Video Instruction

DVDs and Digital Downloads – If you’re on our e-mail newsletter list, and you have time to read it every single day, you won’t miss any of our new DVD and digital video download releases. But not everyone has time to read every e-mail we send. And even if you do, you may want to visit our store and browse back through all the videos we have released in these formats over the years. Click here for all our DVDs and here for all our downloads.

NOTE: We have just released a video value pack that includes most of our top woodworking videos of all time, at a deep discount. Be sure to check that out!

Streaming site: Videos.PopularWoodworking.com – For those who do not wish to collect hundreds of DVDs on their shelves (or downloads on their hard drives), we have a subscription website that features all our best video content. By subscribing, you get access to full-length instructional videos and projects, as well as the entire Roy Underhill channel (full episodes).

Woodturning with Tim Yoder – NEW! Stay tuned to your e-mail inboxes this week for updates about this exciting new video channel. I’ve been watching the first few episodes. Tim is a terrific instructor and he’s presenting some really fun turning projects.

Popular Woodworking University – At Popular Woodworking University we’ve made some BIG changes to our online education program, and we’re excited that you’re here! All of it will include fantastic projects and ideas from throughout our network of contributors.

Happy watching!

Dan Farnbach

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