New Faces (and Some old Ones)

What really stood out for me at our annual woodworking conference last month were all the new faces and ideas. Part of that was the new location – Winston-Salem, N.C. – and part of it was the [...]

Maps for Your Journey

The search for design inspiration is a journey down many different roads, some of them fruitful and some dead-end. One of our goals within Popular Woodworking University’s online classes is to [...]

Hand Drafting Skill-builder FAQ

Q: Is there ever a time in the hand drafting process when you use paper with lines on it, such as graph paper? A: If I am out in the field and do not have a portable drafting setup, then …

What is Shellac?

This 11-minute video excerpt, featuring the one and only Don Williams, is a fairly complete answer to a common question – what is shellac? I say “fairly complete” because the video generated a [...]

What’s Important in Organizing a Shop?

I’ve worked in a 2,000 square-foot professional shop and I now work in a one-car garage shop, and the one thing that’s universal for all shops is that you’ve got to be able to find stuff. Whether [...]

Woodworking Philosophy 101

As the “new guy” on the Popular Woodworking Magazine team (and you may, or may not, know there’s an even newer guy on the team now – Mike Wallace…no, not that Mike [...]

Sketching and Design Development

In addition to using sketching to solve problems on the fly in the shop, I also use quick sketches while making formal drawings to visualize the appearance of the finished drawing. When I’m at a [...]

Like Riding a Bike

Our next online course in Popular Woodworking University is a 1-hour, live web seminar with one of the hardest-working educators in our network. Bill Rainford is a North Bennet Street School [...]

All About Try Squares

One of my favorite parts of our now-retired publication, Woodworking Magazine, was the back cover. Each issue featured a handy, illustrated guide to something every woodworker should know – and [...]


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