Online Course – Router Basics with Colin Knecht

New Online Course – Router Basics with Colin Knecht

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router basics picMany newcomers to woodworking consider routers scary and confusing tools. No wonder – there is so much to know about wood routing. Not only is there a wide variety of routers and router tables, but also a large range of bits, jigs and accessories. Even for experienced woodworkers this can be daunting. The “scary” part for some woodworkers is installing a bit in their router and turning it on – the high speed alone can be intimidating.

Where does someone new to woodworking start with router basics? Well, the best way to get into wood routing safely is to have someone explain the features and workings of a router, and how best to use it. Just like anything else in life, when someone gives you some knowledge, the whole experience turns from one of fear to one of confidence. With routers, I have seen this transformation time after time.

I have worked at various woodworking shows over the years. I have seen people revisiting a woodworking show for a second year and telling me they had purchased a router and router table the previous year, and haven’t even used it. The reason? After they turned it on once, they feared for their own safety – so the tool has sat, collecting dust.

Like everything else woodworking, the place to start in routing is knowing and understanding the safety issues with your tool. This alone will dispel much of the fear because when you are comfortable in your workshop, you tend to take you time and think things through better. This results in safer operation and higher quality results.

I’ll be going over all the above – and more – in my one-hour web seminar, “Router Basics,” on May 14th. Join us for the event!

Getting started in wood routing will open up a whole new world of projects and abilities other tools simply cannot do easily if at all. It will expand and stimulate your creative woodworking ideas for new and exciting projects.

Colin Knecht


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  • Barry Norman

    Hi. I have just joined and wondered if I can ask advice on anything. If so can you advise the best way to do this please.

    Many thanks

    Barry Norman.

    • Dan Farnbach
      Dan Farnbach

      Hi Barry,
      When you say you just joined, do you mean joined the Popular Woodworking community via our website or do you mean joined this particular online course about routers?

      Either way, the answer is yes. Please ask us anything about woodworking. Our editors would love to help!

      I suggest exploring our website for topics that interest you. Chances are, we have already written blog posts that answer most of your woodworking questions. If you can’t find an answer, just post a comment.

      Thanks, and best,

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