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Working Wood 3: The Cabinet Maker’s Workshop

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Building on the firm base of skills and techniques in Working Wood 1&2, Simon James guides woodworkers in this book and the accompanying DVDs through a feast of new methods, a myriad of jigs and tricks that will open their eyes to new ways of achieving their goals while providing many “why didn’t I think of that” moments along the way.

Developed for intermediate and advanced woodworkers, this series is all about getting set up for serious cabinet or furniture making. Many new and specialized tools and techniques are explored and explained, with invaluable advice on how to tune up, sharpen and maintain them (including a very fast and effective system for sharpening curved cutting edges.) Shop made jigs and devices are traditional fixtures in any workshop, and Simon teaches how to precisely make and use a wide range of these as part of an integrated system – so that they fit and work together and allow you to use your tools in ways you would never have imagined.

The focus of Working Wood 3 is very much on hand tools, and though proudly traditional, the methods and practices are in fact fully compatible with a modern workshop equipped with machinery and power tools. Knowledge, skill and pragmatism are the key ingredients that will give you the opportunity to enjoy making the most out of your creativity.

Click here to read an excerpt from the new woodworking book by Simon James: Working Wood 3.

“I guarantee that when you reach the end of this book you will come away with a head packed full of ideas and techniques and that it will allow you to work faster, more accurately and to achieve your goals. And most of all to enable you to enjoy your craft in the way that feels most comfortable to you.”

Phil Edwards. Plane Maker

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