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Taking Pictures of Woodworking

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Tip 4. Bouncing Light A photographic umbrella makes it easy to soften the light. It has a white or silver lining which acts as a reflector, bouncing the light from your floodlights onto the subject in a way that softens and lightens the shadows.

Tip 5. Diffused Light Another way to soften the light is by diffusing it. You aim the light directly at the work, but diffuse it with a piece of translucent material in between the light and the work. White plastic garbage bags, colorless shower curtains or white sheets can all work.

Tip 6. Fill Light If your shadows are too dark even with bounce light and diffused light, you can use a second light as a fill light. Place this light on the opposite side of the room from the main light. Position the second light at least two or three feet away from the wall, near the model. Turn the fill light on, turn off the main light, and adjust the fill light until it lightens the shadows to the degree you want.

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