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Sanding Your Drawers
Lightly sand the outside of the drawers to avoid the sloppy-fitting-drawers syndrome.

Inspector Izzy
Attach the back back on the back of the box blank. Got that? Izzy is checking the clamps, “Stack! Get over here! I think you need to tighten this one a little more.”

Sand the Outside
A disc sander is the tool for sanding outside curves. Light pressure is all that’s needed to smooth the band saw blade marks. A heavy hand here could result in a misshapen drawer.

The edges of the drawers can be rough shaped using your oscillating spindle sander. Fine-tune and finish-sculpt the edges using sandpaper. Once again, remember that power tools can remove material quickly. Use a light touch and remove small amounts of material at a time. It can be heartbreaking to remove what you can’t replace.

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