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Pee Back Paint

The right half shows how the coating works.

In my first blog post I told you about a new smart-coating technology that causes liquids, including pee, to bounce off surfaces. In the case of pee, it bounces back onto the perpetrator, so it’s used to discourage people (men) from peeing on walls in public places. The example I used was from the party district in Hamburg, Germany.

I just came across an announcement that the transportation authority in Philadelphia is looking into applying the hydrophobic (meaning water hating, or repelling) coating in their subways to achieve the same result. Included in this announcement was a link to a Ted Talk explaining how this coating works, including several demonstrations. The link is here.

The downside of the coating is that it’s expensive. According to the article, the coating from UltraTech costs $550 to cover 65 square feet. That’s a surface 6 1/2 feet by 10 feet. Not much.

Still the Ted Talk is fun.

— Bob Flexner


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