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jointer ergonomicsI have long held the opinion that trying to learn motion from the printed word is at best a challenge and at worst a fool’s errand. If you think about what impulses your brain sends to your hand to simply make a fist, and then try to describe the motion that is actually happening, you’ll use a lot of words! And while a picture is worth a thousand words, a four-minute video may prove to be priceless! Think of trying to teach someone how to use a jointer. Beyond how to hold the board against the fence and table, you need to describe where the hands hold, when they move, how much pressure is exerted, where should you stand, when do you shift and/or move forward…and that’s just to start. So I’m not going to write it down, I’m going to let Jeff Miller show you! Body mechanics and ergonomics can improve your woodworking and provide better safety. Think about that! Enjoy!

– David Thiel


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