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Week in Review – August 27 – September 2

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It was an exciting week of finishing touches on the next print issue, it will be sent off to the printer any day now. We also had Chad Staton, host of our series I Can Do That!, in the shop Monday through Wednesday. He built a couple of projects that you are going to love. I spent some time talking with him about I Can Do That on Facebook live, check it out here.

Also, we posted a really interesting Adirondack chair customization project on the Shop Blog. Gus Bertrand made a set of Game of Thrones inspired Adirondack chairs for his anniversary. He used several interesting techniques, check it out here.

Finally, we have exciting news about our friends over at The Canopy Crew! They worked with Animal Planet to film a pilot for a show called “The Canopy Kings”, it airs on September 22nd at 10 p.m. EST! They wrote a book for us called The Perfect Treehouse that is available over at ShopWoodworking.com.

Have a great Labor Day!

– David Lyell 

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