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Watching Frank Klausz Never Gets Old – Effortless Dovetails

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Yes, you’re right, Frank Klausz cutting dovetails isn’t exactly new. In fact, I’ve been watching Frank cut dovetails for 25 years. But guess what, it never gets old! This master craftsman not only makes the woodworking look effortless and nearly flawless, but he makes it entertaining! He has so much to teach that with every view of his process, I manage to pick up another little thing that I missed the last time.

The video below is from a few years ago, and yes I’ve seen him do this demonstration in person more than once. I guess I’d forgotten his special bow saw for cleaning out the dovetail waste, because when I watched him do it again it was like magic. While I futz around with my fret saw making sure I keep a tight, straight line, he drops his saw in and in two quick strokes the waste is gone and he’s on to the next. Wow.

I heard on the radio this morning that one of the most impacting factors in strong manufacturing in European countries is the strength of the apprentice program in their schools and businesses. I’ve heard Frank speak of his apprenticeship and he certainly believes in the benefits of the training program. Watch his skills in action and it’s hard not to believe. Then watch it again and learn something new. Watching Frank Klausz never gets old. Thanks, Frank!

– David Thiel

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