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Video Post: How to Fold the Corner of an Upholstered Seat

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So far, I have successfully avoided upholstery in my woodworking projects. As a newer woodworker, there has been so much to learn and practice that I haven’t convinced myself that I should take up another discipline. I think there is some wisdom in staying focused while learning the essentials. But lately, I have admired the incredible work of conservators and restoration specialists who seem to know how to do it all. It’s inspiring to see a build soup to nuts, (Megan’s favorite idiom around the office) where a craftsperson handles every process in house.

Honestly, anyone can wrap a piece of fabric around the seat of a chair, but the art of getting the folds and tension just right is another matter. It takes practice and it takes quality, seasoned instruction. Here is a great clip from Michael Mascelli on how to fold a seat corner.

Head over to and pick up Basic Upholstery: Techniques for Woodworkers for just $14.99.

A Professional Seat with Simple Steps

“Basic Upholstery” teaches you the skills necessary to make a drop-in slip seat, and those skills can then be used for any number of upholstery projects. A few simple but unique tools make the process possible. You’ll learn:

  • About the terminology, basic tools and materials required
  • The importance of the multiple material layers that give the seat its look and comfort
  • Professional tips on folding and cutting corners
  • Information on traditional upholstery materials (many that can still be used today) and about contemporary synthetic materials
  • And much more!

– David Lyell 

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