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Video: Pattern Routing Tips

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pattern routing

I love my routers, and if there’s one router function that saves me time and hassles it’s pattern routing. Whether it’s a repeated curve on door rails or intricate fascia work on a bookcase, pattern routing is the answer. Being able to make and refine a single pattern and then letting my router do the work on the rest of the pieces saves time and pretty much takes the thought process out of the equation.

That doesn’t mean you can stop thinking, there are still things to consider. Of what material should I make the template? Plywood? MDF? What’s the best way to attach the template? What’s the best router bit to use? Is there a “best” diameter? Do I want to use a top- or bottom-bearing bit? And then we get to the operation itself – how the bit cuts against the wood can make or break your project.

Luckily, my friend Glen Huey loves routers just as much as me and in the video below he addresses all these questions and more. Make sure you’re using your router to it’s best application and make your woodworking easier!

– David Thiel

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