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Bill Anderson’s “Knock-down Shaving Horse” in the February 2017 issue has prompted some inquiries about antique tractor seats. Would that we had a stash of them to offer, but …

So, my best recommendation is to check out flea markets and antique stores (particularly in more rural areas, and areas with a rich history of agriculture), and, of course eBay (at which there are many styles and price points available at the moment). You might also check out Etsy, for the amusement factor if nothing else (the prices on some of them are risible).

But there are some reproduction options readily available, as a quick Google search reveals.

For $40, there’s the “Farmall reproduction Tractor Seat” (shown at left) that looks a great deal like the one Bill used (minus the green paint, but that’s an easily addressed problem).

I also found a slightly fancier-looking one in cast aluminum, from Woodward Crossings, which claims to be comfortable for your equipment thanks to the bucket pan style. I didn’t know tractors complained about the comfo…oh. Never mind! That one is $45.

And you’re not limited to a metal seat. There’s no reason you couldn’t shape one out of wood (you are, after all, a woodworker!), or repurpose the butt-area of a bar stool, or lift the one off the bike in your garage…you know, the bike that hasn’t been used for a decade (maybe that’s just me).

Whatever is comfortable for you and can be attached to the shave horse’s sliding keel will work. But there’s no denying the vintage tractor seat looks cool.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

P.S. If you’d prefer a dumbhead-style shaving horse, keep an eye out for a new video from Kenneth Kortemeier: “Build a Traditional Shaving Horse.” You can download that (or order a DVD) on Feb. 10 at

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