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As we’re wrapping up 2010, any good company takes a look at what products sold well during the year. We’re doing the same, and it’s an interesting mix of the 10 top-selling books of the last year. The list tells us what our readers are interested in, and what it may tell you is what books you may be just as interested in reading. Starting from #10, the list is as follows:

#10 – Box by Box
A favorite book with some great projects that has been selling well for four years now. Still a great book for any level woodworker.

#9 – Greene & Greene Furniture
Published earlier this summer, this is an amazing book documenting the furniture of designers Charles and Henry Greene. Full of original photos and amazing details.

#8 – Workbenches
A bestseller for three years, this book looks at the history of benches and talks about the features that make sense for your woodworking needs.

#7 – Popular Woodworking’s Arts & Crafts Furniture
Another favorite for fans of Arts & Crafts furniture. With 25 projects and a bonus CD-rom with even more projects and information, this book is a great collection.

#6 – I Can Do That Woodworking Projects
A great book for the occasional or beginning woodworker. Furniture projects that require minimal tools and materials, withe simple construction.

#5 – Puzzle Boxes
A great mix of boxes with secret compartments and puzzle boxes. Great band saw for every woodworker.

#4 – Easy To Build Birdhouses
25 projects, many designed to blend with their environment, but there are also some whimsical designs. All easy to build and guaranteed to please.

#3 – Birdhouses You Can Build in a Day
We love birdhouse, and it appears to do our readers. This book has been a
best-seller for four years now, offering 51 birdhouse and bird feeder

#2 – The Perfect Edge
Brand new this year, this book has all the information any woodworker needs to keep their cutting edges sharp. Excellent information presented in an easy-to-read style. A must have for the woodworking library.

#1 – Made By Hand
And our number one title is a book all about building furniture without power tools. Dedicated to the woodworker who has decided to build with traditional hand tools, this title shows how to use the tools, and how to build contemporary furniture with traditional tools.

– David Thiel

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