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Roy Underhill’s long-running PBS show “The Woodwright’s Shop” was renewed Wednesday for two years by its sponsor, State Farm Insurance.

That means that “The Woodwright’s Shop” will be around for a 31st and 32nd season. And this is the first time that State Farm has ever renewed the show for two years.

“Thanks to State Farm for making the world safe for serious, subversive woodworking comedy,” Roy said over a celebratory burrito lunch. “We’ve been serving all your steampunk woodworking needs since 1979.”

Roy heard the news today while I was teaching a class in sharpening at his woodworking school, The Woodwright’s School, in Pittsboro, N.C. After announcing the news of the renewal to the students (who responded with a round of applause) Roy asked the students to hoist him on their shoulders.

At first, no one took him seriously. But of course, he was (see above). He, um, pleaded with the students to hoist him up. They did. And then proceeded to open the trash can at the school to dump him. (This is nicer than the traditional two-year swirlie.)

After finishing up his burrito and tortilla chips, Roy put down his drink.

“I’ve got two seasons of shows to fill,” he said. “Ask the readers to send me ideas for people and things they’d like to see for the next two years.”

You can do just that using the contact form at Roy’s school. Click here to make a suggestion.

And congratulations Roy!

— Christopher Schwarz

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    I dont know why they renewed it. It is dated with old projects and same ole same ole. How many shows can you do with a say and a plane.

  • mvflaim

    Great news!! After thirty years I was afraid Roy might retire.

  • Eric R

    Thank you State farm !!!
    I will remain a State farm customer.

    And thank you Roy for being a "woodworkers’ woodworker" !

  • Rick Johnson

    Congratulations Roy. Thirty years, has it been that long? I remember watching you in those early years. As for the DVD, I am placing my order now. When is the ship date? What a treasure that would be.

  • Nelson Thorpe

    Great news indeed and Congrats to Roy and his production team. Also thanks to State Farm! And I Second the motion for all 30 seasons to be on DVD! Instead of (or in addition to) constant begging for membership support, why not sell us something they have in their archives just sitting there? Please….?
    Oakland, CA

  • Shouldn’t that be "sweatpunk"?

  • Joseph Watson

    Yay great news indeed, this last season was so good the best. Not just the best because you were on it either. The content this season was exhilarating.

  • Glenn Madsen

    Thank you, State Farm, for understanding our real needs for authentic steam punk hand tool wood dorking! And for supporting the subversive St. Roy & friends. Every generation needs a hero or three.

  • Mike Siemsen

    with that light cord coming down by Roy’s neck it looks like a lynch mob!
    great news

  • Mark Singleton

    Without getting into politics, I just wish he would/could get away from PBS. Obviously he can get corporate sponsorship/ads.

    But, more importantly, lets put our thinking caps on and get him some good ideas for the new shows as requested..


    Great news!!! Can never get enough of Roy. Now if they’d just make all 30 seasons available on DVD…

    Jamie Bacon


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