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The Silly Side of Chad Stanton – Host of I Can Do That!

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Look for new videos from Popular Woodworking every Tuesday and Thursday. We’ll post videos about what we’re up to around the shop, teaching videos from some of our favorite friends and some fun stuff from the woodworking world.

Many of the viewers of our I Can Do That! videos know host Chad Stanton from his Big Chopperoo videos and wonder why he’s not dancing on I Can Do That. Trust us, he’s still the same silly, funny guy you love. To prove it, we’ve collected a few of his special moments on set in this short video below. Ric is our studio manager, and as you’ll see, holds a special place in Chad’s heart! And don’t miss Chad every other week when we offer new episodes of I Can Do That! The half-hour show devoted to making cool projects with simple tools. Build a project alongside Chad and feel good about it!

– David Thiel

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