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screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-9-16-20-amI know, I know. If you’ve been reading this blog, my blog or following me on social media for while, you’re already familiar with my deep-seated love for the Benchcrafted Skraper (what is it with the tools I like and funny spellings?!).

This is not your grandfather’s scraper. It has a 5/8″-wide x 3/16″- thick solid carbide bar on the business end that is honed on all working surfaces – that is, it has 8 scary-sharp edges that last a long time, and take a lot of abuse. The handle is comfortable to hold (with the blade either on the flat or perpendicular to the work) and you can get it into even the tightest of corners.

I’ve used (and abused) the bejaysus out of this thing, through two house rehabs and life in general. It excels at removing mastic from stubborn spots on floors, taking paint off the edges of floorboards, removing sticky splodges of iwouldrathernotknow, baked on grease on a stovetop and cleaning up glue squeeze-out in furniture projects, as well as other typical small scraper uses for furniture making (leveling small areas of tearout and removing planer tracks, taking down an edge in small increments, etc.).

Benchcrafted also offers a small version – the Paring Skraper – that is longer and narrower for getting into hard-to-reach places such as mortises and inside corners of small projects. (And I continue to argue that the company should offer a “mega” version for larger tasks – read: house rehab needs, such as scraping up decades-old sticky stuff under ripped-out vinyl flooring.)

This thing is the cat’s PJs, and belongs in every house. Really – it’s great for both a homeowner (or renter, or apartment dweller) and woodworker.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. Benchcrafted also makes some of the best bench hardware available today. Read our review of the company’s Double-screw vise, Wagon Vise and Classic Leg Vise, and Christopher Schwarz’s installation of the Crisscross.

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  • Luftwerks

    I own this and it is freakin’ awesome. JUMBO VERSION WOULD BE BADA$$!

  • Erik Webber

    This may have been covered… Ever flip the scraper over and use that way? Paint scraper deluxe.


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