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Roy Underhill November 2012 Popular Woodworking MagazineOur publishing schedule is pretty straightforward, except for the confusing parts. We put out an issue every other month, starting in February. But the February issue is really January/February so it comes out at the end of December, the month before the cover date. Then there is an issue for April, June and August. But in the fall, we add in an extra issue that carries a November date.

Norm Abram Popular Woodworking Magazine November 2012If that’s confusing to you, it also can confuse us. Our deadlines are two months ahead of the issue dates, so even though we’re just past Labor Day, we just finished the November issue and are working on December. It’s been this way as far back as any of us can remember, and this November issue happens to be the 200th issue of our magazine.

To mark the occasion, we decided to do something special.

Brian Boggs Popular Woodworking Magazine November 2012For the November 2012 issue only, we depart from our regular format and feature in-depth profiles of some of our woodworking heroes. Former publisher, now senior editor, Steve Shanesy reviews the history of the magazine from our humble beginnings as Pacific Woodworker to the magazine we produce today.

In the other stories, we visit the shops, review the work and tell the stories of the careers of an amazing group of woodworkers (and a blacksmith/whitesmith/toolmaker for good measure). In addition to Roy Underhill, we interview Norm Abram and find out what his life is like with “The New Yankee Workshop” behind him.

Editor Matthew Teague made a trip to Asheville, N.C., for a visit to chairmaker Brian Boggs’ new shop and learned about new designs, Brian’s shop-made machinery and fixtures as well as his new business model. Mary May Popular Woodworking Magazine November 2012

Contributing editor Christopher Schwarz talked with carver Mary May to learn about her training in classical carving from master carvers around the world, her work in stone and wood, and her plans for teaching carving online. Chris also visits with Roy Underhill, both at Roy’s The Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, N.C., and at the rural mill Roy and his wife, Jane, (and a dog and three cats) call home. And, he reveals a never-before-seen-in-print secret about Roy’s past.

Wendell Castle has been pushing the limits of studio furniture since the 1960s and contributor Scott Gibson visited his studio near Rochester, N.Y., to see current works in progress, review some of the master’s best known pieces and hear his thoughts on craft versus art. Jameel Abraham Popular Woodworking Magazine November 2012

Jameel Abraham is known to many of our readers as the brains behind Benchcrafted vise hardware, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of his many talents with tools and wood. We’ll get a close look at some of the furniture and intricate musical instruments he has made.Dale Barnard Popular Woodworking Magazine November 2012

Dale Barnard builds striking reproductions of Greene & Greene and Arts & Crafts period furniture from a wooded hilltop in rural Indiana. In addition to that, he teaches small classes and builds just about anything, including the shop we tour and his house. You’ll hear his story and see some examples of his work.Peter Ross Popular Woodworking Magazine November 2012

Last but not least, managing editor Megan Fitzpatrick visits Peter Ross, who makes period hardware and tools at his forge. We’re all about woodworking, but where would we be without tools and hardware?

To make room for all of this, our regular features are taking the issue off. Arts & Mysteries, Design Matters, Tricks of the Trade and Flexner on Finishing will all return with our December issue.

If you’re a subscriber to Popular Woodworking Magazine, look for the November 2012 issue to appear in your mailbox in early October. This special issue will also be available on newsstands shortly thereafter, and the digital edition will mail to digital subscribers around October 3. It’s an issue you won’t want to miss.

– Robert W. Lang

p.s. Click here to buy the November 2012 special issue in our store. Click here for the digital download edition.

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  • ChrisHasFlair


    I’m both excited and disappointed by this news. This issue sounds very interesting and I’m looking forwards to reading the profiles. However, I’m saddened that it takes a special occasion to consider publishing profiles of woodworkers. (Long live Woodwork!


  • me5269

    Looking forward to the issue. Still have a few copies of Pacific Woodworker from 82 and 84. The magazine has come a long way.

  • mvflaim

    Sounds like a “Woodwork” issue. I look forward to it.

  • Brentpmed

    I am excited about this issue. In-depth information about woodworking icons, their philosophies and practices can provide insight valuable to many, many woodworkers. Great concept and thank you for taking the time and space to provide these articles. Perhaps this could be a semi-regular feature a couple of times per year focusing on a single person of interest. I can’t wait, this should be a good read.

  • JimM

    Ah! A wasted issue.


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