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simple joinery to make bracket feet

Let’s face it, a lot of woodworking is really box building. The good news is that a little bit of simple joinery and a little extra effort can make any box look incredible! The perfect example is a jewelry box, or other small-box build. By adding feet to the box it quickly becomes more than a box. The type of feet can define a fairly plain box design by style. Make it art deco, make it mission, or by adding classic bracket feet it becomes something 18th Century. Not too bad for feet!

Of course, there are other things that can be added to spice up a spice box, such as mouldings and hardware can certainly make a big difference. But somehow adding feet elevates the piece (sorry, couldn’t resist). But really, it adds stature and makes a box more than a box. And it’s really not that hard. In the video below Alan Turner walks you through the simple joinery required to add a set of bracket feet to a small box. And the joinery is really just a glue joint … it doesn’t get much easier. Enjoy!

– David Thiel

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