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Shop Tour with Kerry Pierce: Part 1 – Handplanes

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We are featuring a set of tables by Kerry Pierce in an upcoming issue of PWM and we needed to ship them back to his home in Lancaster, Ohio. So instead of paying over $100 for shipping, we jumped in the car to make the delivery. Kerry repaid us with a shop tour and we spent some time in his home talking about what he likes in furniture style.

It was a great afternoon and I think you’ll enjoy this first video. Kerry took us on a tour through his handplane collection. He started with the first handplane his father gave him when he was 7, shared about his foray into Stanley planes, shared insight into the Veritas and Lie-Nielsen collections and wrapped up with a pair of infill planes made by Christopher Schwarz.

Kerry has been published in PW books and magazines for decades, some of his work can be found for sale here.

– David Lyell 


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