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My New Role as Senior Editor and My Take on a Shaker Settee

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I have a bit of news to share with you this morning. I am taking on new responsibility as the new Senior Editor of Popular Woodworking! For the last year, I’ve served as the Online Content Director where I’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing you amazing content on the Shop Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest (and so on…). And to be honest, I’m not leaving that behind as my focus turns to the print magazine. The truth is that our new editor, Andrew Zoellner, is a digital native like me, and we’re adjusting the team’s priorities to break down the barriers between print and digital so that we can bring you the very best content, no matter where you engage with our brand.

On Sunday, you met our Web Producer, Rachel Fountain, in her post about Pinterest. She has been with our team for about a year and will handle many of the everyday tasks that occupied a lot of my time on the website. In my new free time, I have been tasked with editing part of the magazine alongside Andrew. I’ve worked my way into the print magazine more and more over the last year. From my tool reviews in the last several issues, to the camp stool feature that I built with Chris Schwarz in February and I have a feature article that is my take on a Shaker settee coming up in the August issue. There comes a point when you put your hands in print enough that folks start to call you an editor. I am more than pleased to have received the title, Senior Editor.

Speaking of that settee, I couldn’t be more excited to share my design with the world. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s incredibly approachable. I tried to distill the design and features of this bench into a form that is simple and attainable by those who don’t have extensive chair-making and hand tool experience. I designed by aggregate, a method that I speak to in the article, so I pulled a few features from a couple different shaker designs and found a happy medium that fits perfectly in my 140-year-old farmhouse.

As senior editor, I hope that I can bring you incredible content issue after issue under Andrew’s content strategy. So please, if you have feedback for me as I take on this new role in our print magazine, let me know! My email is,

David Lyell

A few sneak peeks of my bench! 

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    Congratulations. Looking forward to great stuff in the future.

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