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Marc Adams School of Woodworking Continues to Grow after 25 Years

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We recently had the opportunity to be guests at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking while making a video on Custom Cabinetry with Zane Powell (an instructor at the school). Our timing was carefully planned, if a bit fortuitous. The school was closed for classes, but putting the finishing touches on opening for the 2018 school year – and celebrating 25 years of education!

There are some great additions awaiting the thousands of students who will attend the more than 200 classes offered this year. In a newly constructed building, a technology classroom with CNC’s (pictured above) and more, a dedicated lathe room (below) and a brand new cafeteria with much more space (but the ice cream machine is still an important focal point of the room).

We asked Marc to give us a tour of the space just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana and share a little history. We found out that amongst his many skills as a woodworker and instructor, he’s a natural tour guide.

So congratulations to Marc, the school and to the many students over the years! Enjoy the tour.

 – David Thiel

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  • pmac

    Someday. And in the mean time (and I’m completely serious) a short follow up video on how the ice cream maker works would be fun.

    • David Thiel

      Coulnd’t agree more, and I’m happy to make the sacrifice of driving to Indy to grab an ice cream cone…for our viewers sake, of course! Thanks! – DT

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