Book Giveaway: With Saw, Plane & Chisel

With Saw, Plane & Chisel

Thanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to “frossm,” the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of “With Saw, Plane & Chisel,” it is currently available at

I was looking through some of our recent books for this week’s book giveaway and realized I had an extra copy of Zach Dillinger’s “With Saw, Plane & Chisel” on my desk. It’s a fascinating look at period-accurate building techniques. If you love classic American furniture and are interested in how things were made back in the day, this book is worth a read. Zach creates museum quality reproductions the old fashioned way. His book covers historically accurate joinery techniques, prepping stock by hand and features six projects covering such styles as Mannerist, William & Mary, Queen Anne, Chippendale and Heppelwhite.

You’ll also find great ideas for finishing touches including insights into upholstry from Michael Mascelli and hardware advice from Nancy Cogger of Londonerry Brasses. Plus there’s a foreword from Roy Underhill – how cool is that?

If you haven’t gotten your hands on this book already, here’s your chance! Simply post a comment below. One winner will be chosen at random (winner will be announced on Monday 4/24). Good luck!

—Scott Francis


37 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: With Saw, Plane & Chisel

  1. DaveS2

    “This book could improve my outlook on classic American furniture more than a fancy chisel” said the blind woodworker as he picked up his plane, chisel and saw.

  2. Wes

    Trying to get started with hand tools. It’s great to watch YouTube videos but more info can be conveyed in a book.

  3. gtrboy77

    I am very curious as to what content this book has that is different from other hand tool woodworking books.

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