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SAPFMSummer2013coverIf you’re unfamiliar with the Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPFM) you should get to know it. Even if you’re not a builder of period furniture, you need to become familiar with the group’s site. Why? Because there is a storehouse of information available on that web site. You can find a list of members (many of the biggest and brightest names in period-reproduction work), hardware and materials suppliers, and woodworking schools located throughout the country.

There is also a SAPFM forum. If you are looking for information that will help you in the shop, as you design or throughout the finishing process (be it dye or stain, shellac or lacquer or what to use to rub out a topcoat), you can find answers there. And what makes this forum top-notch in my eyes is that many of the woodworkers who post replies have walked the walk and not simply talked the talk. Experience is king when giving woodworking advice.

Also found on the SAPFM site, is the first-ever E-newsletter edition (Click Here). The newsletter – free to read for the first edition, but a valuable member benefit when you join SAPFM – is loaded with great information. The first edition has articles on building a Philadelphia side chair, Micky Callahan discusses period and regional styles and Will Neptune shares his technique for making splines for snake feet.

If you’re like me, I’ll bet you find SAPFM to be a great resource and you’ll want to become a member right away. There are various levels of membership, so you can join at a level that’s perfect for you. I’m happy to pay my annual dues. I’ll bet you will be, too.

— Glen D. Huey

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