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As good as I think our magazine is, it’s not worth $59.95 a year*.

A scam company is perpetrating fraud with the spurious renewal offer pictured above. Do not respond. (And please know that we are taking steps with the U.S. Postal Service and consumer agencies to address the problem and take appropriate legal action.)

Our subscription fulfillment service is Palm Coast Data (also rendered as PCD in some places), in Palm Coast, Fla. All subscription and renewal offers that come through the postal service have PCD in Palm Coast, Fla., as the return address, and e-mail offers will most often have our corporate office listed as the mailing address (10151 Carver Rd., Suite 200, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242) – but the click-through will take you to the secure PCD web site. Nothing else is valid.** And the renewal rate is about a third of what the scam artists are asking.

If you receive any offers, ever, that don’t seem right (e.g. 2 years for $70 – or 2 years for $5, for that matter…because I do have to feed my cats), send me an e-mail (preferably with a scan or snapshot of the offer in question) and I’ll look into it, or get it to someone who can.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

* If you think it is worth $59.95 a year, first, thank you. Second, I’d be happy to take the additional $40 or so…mailed in a plain envelope, addressed to me in our Cincinnati office 😉

** Note that at shows we offer special discounts and have no address on the subscription slip (because I usually make those on my computer approximately 5 minutes before the doors open and I never think to add that). But if one of the editors is standing right in front of you, it’s on the up-and-up – promise!

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  • DTurtle

    So if a person was hit by this scam how would they go about recovering their cash ??
    I was hit for “Wood Magazine”, “Woodworkers Journal”, and “American Woodworker” for a total of $89.94. When all the mags I get came with the same renewal form I figgured it was legit and ordered.

  • jayacarlisle

    That is an industry staple that has been going on for years. If you are over 50 you have probably received several of them. However, there is a scam concerning Popular Woodworking. It is the Super VIP program. You don’t receive the items as advertised. When you call the number listed, there is never an answer. When you contact them by e-mail, you will receive an e-mail saying the issue is solved. They must be amazing to fix something as quick as that. Well still don’t have all of the product and have not received any kind of compensation for the missing items. That is the REAL scam.

  • Strausshaus

    Well, by golly, I got one of those spurious offers which I scanned and sent to Ms.Megan– I hope she and their lawyers throw the book at those crooks! Even if they do fulfill the subscriptions, the mailing is at best misrepresentative and probably fraudulent– go get ’em1

    Meanwhile, I had missed three issues, which now have been received– PW is without a doubt the richest periodical for old geezers (especially) who dream of REALLY using their wood shops!

  • Patboy

    I get this also, lucky I see right through this jack & app’s. If you get this mails don’t open them, take them right to the post office and let them know they are “Renewal Scam Alert” and fill police report.

  • tpobrienjr

    The subscription renewal predators are getting subscriber lists from somewhere, because they know which magazines to mimic. Even so, their aim is not perfect, because they masqueraded recently as Aviation Week, to which I don’t subscribe. Maybe your attorneys could explore trademark infringement.


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