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A Quick Method for Creating Tabletop Buttons

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Tabletop buttons are an easy and effective way to attach a table to its base. They allow for seasonal movement as they pivot and slide within their mortise. This video shows a quick and simple way to make buttons with hand tools.

You’ll want to mark a centerline with your marking gauge down the length of your blank, then saw to this line on each side of your blank.  These two saw kerfs should be separated by the desired length of your button’s tongue (I prefer 5/8”). The rest involves a satisfying whack with the hammer to split the button free!   The key to having success with this technique is in selecting a straight grain blank. I give all credit to Paul Sellers for showing me this cool little trick.

– Andy Rawls

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  • Ray

    Looks like the method from Paul Seller’s videos. I’ll add it is an effective way to make buttons.

    • David Lyell
      David Lyell

      Yep, Andy mentioned it was from Sellers. A fun trick indeed!

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