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Many new chisels, especially most premium-quality chisels, have sharp lands (the beveled side edges). Some people wear cotton gloves to protect their hands when using these, but I don’t like the loss of feel and sensitivity with gloves. So I came up with a simple solution to avoid getting cut by these edges. I cut off the tip of a rubber finger pad (sold at office supply stores to guard against paper cuts) and slide it onto my index finger for use as a guard against the chisel edges. It doesn’t interfere with feedback and control, and I no longer suffer from cuts – even if I hold the chisel tightly.Protect your hands from chisel lands

Charles Mak,
Calgary, Alberta

April 2018 – Popular Woodworking Magazine
Popular Woodworking Magazine
April 2018

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Plus, Chris Schwarz shows you how to hold everything you need on your bench, Raney Nelson gives you the talk on precision in the woodshop and we give you recommendations on great new tools, advice for water stains and why imperfect dovetails have their charms, too.

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