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PopWood Playback #9 – Best Woodworking Videos of the Week

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We had some great videos this week, thank you all for submitting the best woodworking videos! I’d like to draw special attention to Simple Cove’s video series on building a cherry wall cabinet. He adapted the build from plans that appeared in the pages of our magazine and has shared the entire series in an easy to follow along format on his site, simplecove.com. Thanks, Sean!

Here are the best videos of the week:

🎥 Simple Cove – Cherry Cabinet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8APAEdwso0Y&list=PLXxRXF_5NE-Fkdi06zHUk2F8zXbYresSm
🎥 Fix This Build That – Nesting Step Stool: https://youtu.be/Jhn7QXKw1SI
🎥 I Like to Make Stuff – Walnut Poster Frame: https://youtu.be/reuLjPgPAHM
🎥 Andy Rawls – Oliver Band Saw: https://youtu.be/wTYbPZ5cOyY
🎥 Paul Sellers – New Building: https://youtu.be/FSGILKAmDEc

🎥 Quad Router Table – https://youtu.be/72dqb9lAcT4
🎥 Third Coast Craftsman – https://youtu.be/oKb_OMgARZM
🎥 EngelsCoachShop – https://youtu.be/R_cyx7ti1B4
🎥 Daniel Solowiej – https://youtu.be/PSnT6jwo8Dc

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  • johnleebell

    PLAYBACK has introduced a bunch of new channels to me. Thanks, PLAYBACk!

  • Jfox520

    I love popwood play back. Shows me channels to check out.

  • CNWoodWork

    Awesome sander will go great with the rest of my Ridgid gear!

  • CharlesHart

    Hope I Win

  • baermj

    Keep up the good work.

  • swzzl

    Very nice!

  • americanoztx

    Have been watching you from week 1. I have come to look forward to your list each week now thank you. I will admit I do follow most of the folks, but there have been some new ones for me as well. Keep up the great work.

  • barry.shelley.9

    Thanks for the links

  • Jeremy

    Loving it.

  • Pietakb

    Great video! The cherry case is awesome

  • DesertBum

    I like the way you show other builders on this channel

  • usnjetmech

    Great videos.

  • swirt

    Thanks for the great collection of links. Appreciate that you are now putting subject titles on them.

  • Potter1970

    Love the show! Look forward to it every week!

  • CBroughton

    Third Coast Craftsman is also worth checking out. He just finished a video on building a Japanese inspired bookshelf with no glue or hardware.

  • cerebralvision

    Love these playback videos you put out. Keep them coming! Love seeing what people are making.

  • Chornykot03

    I love the top 5 videos, it seems like I am already subscribed to 3/4 of them tho.

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