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PopWood Playback #4 | Top Woodworking Videos of the Week

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🚨 NOTICE: No Davids were harmed in the making of this episode.🚨

Episode #4 is live on YouTube! Thank you all so much for your submissions – we have six great videos to share with you this week. Look out for more PopWood Playback episodes every Saturday morning on our Youtube channel.

I’ll be hijacking Playback next week, so I’ll see you then!

Jake Motz

Here are the videos we picked this week:

🎥 Crafted Workshop – https://youtu.be/4zzDcFf9KgQ
🎥 Ollari’s – https://youtu.be/WZ5XaNE6_50
🎥 Timber Anew – https://youtu.be/c7ovNpLxGpA
🎥 DIY Montreal – https://youtu.be/Klpn-LutJf8
🎥 Steve Ramsey – https://youtu.be/1GiYrFyNVUU
🎥 Wood.Work.LIFE. – https://youtu.be/xfjg3eQxlnw

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  • Gabyinho

    This videos are very good, I starteed about two monts ago with some books like this: it contains 50 projects, I managed to do around 12 of them so far, it’s very good one, You can find this book right here, if you are interested: ( http://amzn.to/2EfYnYI ) From there I watched some of this videos on this blog, and since then I became more good. Thank you!

  • hmerkle

    Jake and David,
    Chisel box
    Have a look at this – GREAT project, videography and execution!

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