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Popwood Playback #10 – Best Woodworking Videos of the Week

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We tried a new format this week for Popwood Playback. We ended up with a slightly longer video, but we included a pretty in-depth first look at the installation of the Kreg Precision Router Lift. Let us know if there are other types of tools or equipment that you are interested in seeing on Popwood Playback! The form to enter the contest is at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

– David Lyell 

🎥 Sky Valley Studio – Leg Joinery

🎥 Katz-Moses – Dovetail Alignment Board

🎥 Get Hands Dirty – Workbench

🎥 George Vondriska – Combo Square

🎥 Le PicBois – Giant Pepper Mill

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  • Wood-Chuck

    This is a digital promotion why would it “not be available in any region”

  • indelicatow

    I just wanted to give a comment, and say I really like that you are reaching into the community and showcasing other woodworkers. I think you are doing a great service for everyone, and I hope your magazine continues to succeed.
    I also think the past two episodes have had a heavy “commercial” feel to them. I love seeing the community videos, and I think the product unboxing/review videos can also be shown, but they have a separate feel. Even if you just stood next to the tool and said “Here’s the new tool that was sent to us, check out the video/review on our website. Now let’s watch what you sent in…” That would feel better, in my opinion.
    Also, what is the company policy as far as do you buy every tool or are they sent for free for reviews? That transparency would be insightful.

    • David Lyell
      David Lyell

      Thanks for the feedback! Tools are sent to us for review and we send them right back, sell them and send the money back to the company or if the company is comfortable with it, give the product away. This keeps things honest and we do not profit from these types of reviews/placements. I explained in the comments of the YouTube video that for this latest video, I simply had to install the new Kreg lift and thought, why not do two things at once, but I totally understand how it looked more commercial than coincidence. I received good and bad feedback on this video, so I think I will find ways to make this something beyond, ” here are this week’s five videos” but it might not be product driven. Anway, thanks again for the constructive feedback, it’s much appreciated!!

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