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woodworking in america 2016I had an excellent time at Popular Woodworking in America, and hope everyone else who was there did, too! It was such fun to catch up with woodworking friends new and old – particularly those I “knew” only through Instagram, Twitter and the like (nice to finally meet in person!). And though I didn’t have time to sit in for any full class sessions, I managed to at least poke my head in for a few minutes of all of them…and as always lament that I couldn’t stay for the whole thing. I did manage to find time to spend more money than I intended in the marketplace though…as always. But I don’t regret it!

I’m almost caught up on my sleep (and liver detox), and our staff photographer, Al Parrish, is almost caught up on processing the hundreds of images he shot over the three days – I’ve included a bunch of them in a gallery below. Plus, we’ll have some videos to share in the weeks to come, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel and the blog for those. (And if you have videos and/or images posted, please share the URL(s) in the comments!).

Many thanks to the 2016 conference sponsors: Knew Concepts – whom you have to thank for the Friday-evening beer and bottle koozie/cosy/koosie (AP doesn’t have a preferred spelling that I can find!); Saburrtooth – who provided the carry bags; and Titebond – for their glue samples. And to the many additional marketplace vendors: Black Bear Forge; Blue Spruce Toolworks; Caleb James Planemaker/Chairmaker; Camp Robber; Lost Art Press & Crucible; Custom Branding Irons; Daed Toolworks; Digital Wood Carver; Drillnado; Epilog Laser; EZ Inlays;  Fine Tool Journal; Hock Tools; Horizon Wood; Jim Bode Tools; Juan Vergara Infill Handplanes; Lake Erie Toolworks; Lee Valley/Veritas; Lie-Nielsen Toolworks; Little Miami Handworks; Mortise & Tenon Magazine; MM Wood Studio; Plane Perfect; Plate 11 Workbench; Rare Woods US; Red Rose Reproductions; Society of American Furniture Makers; Sauer & Steiner Toolworks; SawStop; Seneca Woodworking; Stockroom Supply; Texas Heritage Woodworks; Tarter Woodworking; The Superior Works; Vesper Tools; Vogt Toolworks; Walke Moore Tools; Wood-n-Works; Woodpeckers; and ShopWoodworking.com.

Thanks also to our tremendous speakers: Roy Underhill; Mary May; George Walker; Christopher Schwarz; Joe Zeh; Nancy Hiller; Zachary Dillinger; Shannon Rogers; Matthew Cremona; Freddy Roman; Raney Nelson; Konrad Sauer; Alf Sharp; James Hamilton; Yoav Liberman; Caleb James; Wilbur Pan; and Marc Adams.

And of course, a most massive thanks to the 400+ woodworkers who attended the conference.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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